Be Pain Free Physical Therapy

Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic

Mattapan: 617-298-4603 / 617-298-6325 (NECK) Jamaica Plain: 617-524-6325

 Physical Therapy Services Include:  

  • THERAPEUTIC EXERCISES- A customized exercise protocol is designed to include strengthening and stretching as needed. The exercises are performed in a controlled manner to target the injured area and help rehabilitate the patient.

  • THERAPEUTIC ACTIVITIES- After an injury or due to excessive pain, patients lose strength and flexibility, which affects their ability to perform activities of daily living. Patients are trained and re-trained to perform activities and return to prior level of function using techniques including task specific training and graded activity exposure.

  • MANUAL THERAPIES- Pain and injuries could lead to soft tissue inflammation, scar tissue formation, edema, restricted range of motion and trigger points. Manual therapies including soft tissue massage, myofascial release, manual cervical traction, joint mobilization, lymphatic drainage,  trigger point release and others will help reduce the above impairments.

  • MODALITIES-  We offer electrical stimulation therapy to include Interferential current therapy, Russian stimulation and others, Therapeutic ultrasound, Cold laser therapy, Moist heat packs, Cryotherapy and Spinal Decompression helps reduce pain and inflammation. 

  • NEUROMUSCULAR RE-EDUCATION- Loss of mobility leads to alterations in neuromuscular control and neuroplasticity in the brain. Training improves movement, balance, co-ordination, kinesthetic sense, posture and proprioception.

  • ‚ÄčKINEOSITAPING- Taping helps enhance natural healing of tissues while supporting muscles and joints. It is used to treat sports injuries, overuse strains and bruises. 

We also have a weight loss programs (Ideal Protein diet-medical weight loss program.